Monday, March 4, 2013

Red Front Doors

Red front doors…. why so many? As I travel around Ireland I notice the huge upsurge of red front doors and now I believe it’s the latest trend in Dublin to go for either red or purple!  

New age Feng Shui recommends that painting you door Red / Purple or Pink can bring you supportive energies in your career and that these colours represent recognition.  This is NOT true and in some cases these fire colours can trigger misfortune to the occupants of the house!

Reds / Purples are known in Authentic Feng Shui as the fire element.  If the location energy at the front door is any way negative then the use of these colours can enhance this negativity: 

By adding these fire colours in 2013 to either of the following quadrants in your home:

  • Southwest - can trigger sickness. 
  • West - can trigger problems related to the mouth, teeth or breasts.