Thursday, October 25, 2012

Location Energy & Water Works!

Whilst the location energy where we live & work can trigger events and emotions affecting the normal frequency range of the human body (varying between 62-68Hz)! When your body drops below that frequency, you become prone to illness. 

I have also found working with many clients that there is a link between DEPRESSION and DEHYDRATION!
A significant number of people are already suffering chronic dehydration and are unaware of its effects on the mind and the body. Depression is a common symptom of chronic dehydration.

What many people don’t understand is that when we are thirsty we are already dehydrated. Decision making is also adversely affected by a lack of water in the system.

When we are chronically dehydrated, the body seems to shift into survival mode and the thirst mechanism shuts down.

The brain tissue is about 85 percent water and the body 70 percent water, therefore not drinking enough water will have an impact not only on the physical body, but also on our mind and emotions.
Drink more water when under stress! Drinking other fluids like juices, coffee, tea and especially alcohol can contribute to the condition of dehydration in the body.
Drinking plenty of water when enduring any type of stress is the best way to minimize its negative physical and emotional effects.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

WELL Water - to LIFT your Energies

Water from a well on the Dingle Peninsula is said to hold a cure for depression. Tobar na nGealt also known as “The Well of the Mad” is to feature in a TG4 documentary very soon and scientists will reveal that trace amounts of lithium have been found in the water of this well - an alkaline which is often used to treat depression.

The natural spring water with the lift – and it’s FREE! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Addictions - Food or Drink?

The colour blue can be used in certain areas of your home,  but it all depends on the location energy; add the colour BLUE or WATER  to an ADDICTIVE area and it could enhance the need for Drink!

Sit in an ADDICTIVE location energy without the relevant remedy in place and you will CRAVE Food!

The type of remedies needed to balance the energies in your home depends on many factors!!! 

Please visit my reference page for more information on Addictions