Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Renovation

Home Renovation Incentive Scheme 2014 – avail of 13.5% Tax credits on repairs, renovations or home improvements.  To avail of this HRI scheme the minimum spend is €5,000 and max covered is €30,000. 

The cost of furniture, interior decorations and flooring are not covered. (I’m very surprised flooring is not covered, no pun intended J )This incentive is to encourage home owners to get renovations carried out and increase the demand for small construction jobs.

Feng Shui Tips -
  • Sound proofing via insulation – anything that can be done to buffer constant sounds will help a person be calm and relaxed in their home.
  • Be careful on the use of Reds and purples in your d├ęcor as they will act as the fire remedy and only certain spaces can take these colours.

What you do for a living can be enhanced by using the location energies within your home to your advantage.